In this ever-evolving space, dealers are looking to keep up with the times! Gone are the days of the simple toner transaction. Now that there is an abundance of dealers, an abundance of OEM and compatible toner options, and an abundance of more complex work environments, dealers like you are considering how to transition to a managed service model.

Managed services can be offered a number of ways – many of which Digitek can help facilitate!

Managed Print and Managed IT

The most popular managed service that are gaining momentum in the marketplace are Managed Print services (MPS) and Managed IT services. Which essentially creates a relationship between you and your customer where they:

  • Trust you to auto-ship toner as needed, monitored by software installed in their printers.
  • Provide device security for document sharing and document storage on the cloud.
  • Rely on you to provide service on their printers when a problem arises.
  • Enable workers to print remotely and from mobile devices.
  • Help them reduce their printing expenses in the workplace by implementing a Print Policy.

All of which you supply, and in turn, receive a contractual agreement of business for 2-3 years!

Without a partner, it can be difficult to rise to the challenge of auto-shipping toner, providing service on equipment, supplying secure document sharing, and more! Digitek has the software and support needed for you to easily add Managed Print services to your business offering.

Lead Generation and Website Services

You can add managed services to your holster of offerings, but if your website doesn’t meet website visitors’ needs, and you don’t have a way to capture leads from your website, it may be all for not.

Digitek now provides custom website services through our Partner Pro Business Growth Platform. We have formulated proven strategies to not only design an appealing and optimized website, but to capture leads from your website as well!

Sales Training Programs

If you’ve made the bold move to adopt Managed Print services and/or Managed IT services into your business, chances are your sales team will need some support on how to sell it!

We’ve designed a Sales Training platform with Managed Print and Managed IT specific training courses based on tried and true selling techniques from industry experts. The training takes your sales reps through the entire sales cycle, helping to fine tune their prospecting, qualifying, proposing skills, and more! Everything they need to compete for managed service contracts and win is covered in depth!

We want to be your business growth partner. Our investment in the MPS infrastructure and Managed IT infrastructure, website lead generation services, and sales training platform allows us to help our partners compete and win.