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These manufacturer promotions let you earn great rewards and get the marketing boost you need to sell more products and grow your
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HPE Storage Supplies Q4 FY17 Reseller Programs

Deals for your customers, rewards for you

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Check out these Summer Instant Rebates from Verbatim.


Fuji Backup Bucks

Earn Backup Bucks points this month when you sell select Fujifilm products… and collect cash rewards! With Backup Bucks you can earn cash that is automatically deposited on your Fujifilm PNC Bank Visa card. Use the Prepaid Visa card just like a regular Visa card. Make purchases anywhere you see the Visa logo and access cash from a network of ATMs.

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise Engage&Grow Program

Sell Hewlett Packard Enterprise Storage Supplies And Receive Engage&Grow Rewards
  • No limit to what you can earn
  • Offer is stackable with HPE special pricing
  • Earn money on replenishment sales of HPE Storage Supplies
  • HPE Storage Supplies tape must be purchased from an approved HPE distributor
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Why HP LTO Media Is Made To Be Better For Your Data

Download Why HP Storage Media is the most reliable tape you can buy, a 1-page end user flyer highlighting why HPE LTO Ultrium is the most reliable tape you can buy!


Quantum Cash

Quantum’s Debit Card Program is a reward campaign of saying “Thank you” for your continued efforts in selling Quantum-branded media.

As an authorized Reseller sales representative, you are eligible to receive a Quantum-Cash Prepaid VISA Card. This card is funded with reward dollars based on your achievements, and you can use these funds anywhere VISA debit cards are accepted.

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Sony Reseller Rewards

Reseller Rewards* gives resellers another great reason to sell Sony Data Media products by offering debit card reward dollars for each piece of eligible Sony Data Media you sell.

Sony Reseller rewards SiteProgram Flyer

Why HP RDX is the perfect single server backup solution

Hewlett Packard Enterprise RDX is the ideal choice for businesses that need rugged, fast, and reliable backup for workstations and small servers.

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How Hidden Costs Hurt Your Business

Sub-standard media affects your bottom line. When you compare the price for 500 HPE tapes with 550 non-HPE tapes, the HPE cost of ownership is $1,250 lower. This difference is the hidden cost of poor quality media with a high error rate.

Download the Hewlett Packard Enterprise 16-page end user brochure which describes the Cape to Cape extreme testing challenge and includes an overview of all the lab tests performed by HPE, plus price and performance comparisons.


Helpful Information From Lexmark

Read these informative publications from Lexmark.

Lexmark Supplies Vs. Bargain BrandsWhy Buy LexmarkLexmark Print Test Results

Fuji End User Promotion

From September 1 – November 30, 2018, for each purchase of 200 Fujifilm LTO Ultrium 7 data tapes, receive 1 FREE Microsoft Surface Go (limit two per end user).

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