Let’s Grow Your Business by Selling More IT Products and Services!

Small and medium size businesses are searching for IT products to improve security, performance, and employee productivity. That’s why our expansive selection of IT products includes what you need to serve your customers with the latest in mobility, big data, and IT solutions.

At the same time, your business can prosper and soar with innovation that fuels the demand for IT products and services. As a Digitek Partner, you’ll be able to grow faster with our IT products, IT support, and the professional sales training you need to compete and win.

Managed IT Services

Digitek provides the full infrastructure required for IT VARs and Managed Service Providers to add Managed IT Services to their service offering.

Visit our Managed IT services page to learn more.

Storage Media


We provide the right data cartridge types for a variety of backup systems including popular Linear Tape-Open (LTO) brands as well as DAT, DLT, AIT-1 and other types of high quality alternatives.

Tape Drives

From small businesses that may require only about 1TB of storage to huge data centers that may need upwards of 100TB, we offer a variety of tape drives that store it all.


Give your customers the industry’s best protection for data and media during transport and storage, including Turtle Cases by Perm-a-Store; built for business professionals who understand the value of their data and the precautions necessary to protect it.

Take advantage of our huge selection of storage media and accessories. We carry the trusted brands your customers want now, including:

  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)
  • SONY
  • Fuji
  • Quantum
  • IBM
  • Turtle Case

In today’s IT world, nothing is more important than data protection and data security. Meet your customers’ most pressing storage challenges head-on! Give them access to the highest-quality products – including the latest generations of data storage technology – plus cross-platform compatibility, optimal performance and utmost reliability.

Storage Media Value-Added Services

We Offer:

  • Barcode labeling using innovative printing technology from Tri-Optic® and Netc. We offer 24- to 48-hour turnaround. Putting barcodes on tapes makes the tape library more efficient because it can identify a tape without having to read the internal label in the tape drive.
  • Custom cartridge pad printing with rapid turnaround. Increase company visibility, track cartridge movement and easily identify tapes on or off site.
  • Shrink wrapping to seal packaging for a finished, professional look.

Together, we can help you make the shift from selling hardware and “break/fix” services to a Managed IT services provider. Sell your own services or leverage our menu of IT services and support for resale by MSPs and/or Managed IT providers:

  • Cloud Services
  • Desktop Management
  • Network Monitoring
  • NOC and Help Desk
  • Hosted Email
  • Website Services
  • Plus more!

Custom Cartridge Printing

Increase security, tracking ability, and brand identity.

Whether your customers want to increase company visibility, track cartridge movement or easily identify tapes at an off-site vault, custom cartridge printing adds extra security for their important company data.

Digitek’s custom cartridge printing services let you meet the needs of customers who deal with secure and sensitive information by offering value-added pad printing services to the data cartridges they buy. Our advanced pad printing technology clearly stamps storage tape media with your logo, phone number and other important data to indicate access restriction and to provide contact information in case cartridges become lost or misplaced at an off-site vault.

Custom Cartridge Printing Services From Digitek

We can print in white, or in color, depending upon customer requirements. And, our custom pad printing  is easy and quick, so there’s no delay in processing your order.

Media Labeling

High-quality labels. Customer-friendly prices.

Digitek’s media labeling services use the most innovative printing technology available from industry leaders Tri-Optic® and Netc®. Just send us your order, and we’ll design a sample and send it to you by email for your approval. It’s that simple. And because our labels are printed in-house, no job is too big or too small. We have the fastest turnaround time in the industry, with most orders shipped the same day they’re placed.