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6 Effective Tactics to Step Up Your Customer Service Game

In today’s competitive marketplace, your business can gain an edge by making customer service a priority.

According to a recent survey, 66 percent of buyers said that the quality of customer service that a business offered was their biggest motivation for spending. This same research shows that 55 percent of buyers are willing to pay more if the business delivers a positive customer experience during and after a purchase. Furthermore, businesses that focus on providing a positive customer experience earn 60 percent higher profits than those that don’t.

Aside from the money factor, the care and attention that you provide to your customers can be your secret weapon for earning their loyalty. While you may have limited control regarding the size of your business or the prices that you charge, you can stand apart from the competition by offering superior customer service.

Here are 6 ways to help your business go above and beyond with its customer service strategy:

1. Personalize the experience.

While calling a customer by name may seem simple enough, it goes a long way in building trust and earning loyalty. Research shows that calling customers by name makes the experience more memorable.

2. Send handwritten notes. 

Few people send handwritten notes these days, so mailing a thank you note or birthday card to customers will make a lasting impression.

3. Encourage customers to share their feedback.

Keeping an open dialogue with your customers and encouraging them to share their experiences will demonstrate that you care about your customers and take what they have to say to heart.

4. Support your customers’ businesses.

Strengthen your relationship with your customers by supporting their businesses. Make a point to frequent their establishments and use their services when applicable.

5. Educate your customers.

Serve your customers with value-added content as it relates to your business and offer demos or info sessions on how to get the most out of your products and services.

6. Put your customers in the spotlight. 

Recognize one of your loyal customers each month by creating a post highlighting them on social media.

Try implementing these six best practices to escalate the level of customer service that you offer and build a base of loyal patrons.

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