• 4 sales training techniques you should know, Digitek, VA, CA, OH, IL

    Four Sales Training Techniques You Should Know

    As a salesperson or team manager, training and growing is a process you’ll engage in throughout your career. Education is a life-long pursuit that can keep you current with the latest trends, techniques and technology in sales. Educating your sales team members can not only increase sales, it can help…

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  • Are You Making These Six Common Selling Mistakes?, Digitek, VA, CA, OH, IL

    Are You Making These Six Common Selling Mistakes?

    Whether you’re selling widgets, advertising, coffee or print services, your organization would cease to exist without sales. Today, there is so much competition both in the “real” world and online that closing a sale can be difficult. Many salespeople may be making mistakes that could be jeopardizing the close without…

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