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Perm-A-Store Turtle Cases are recommended by leading tape and drive manufacturers such as: IBM, IMATION, SUN StorageTek, HP, because Turtle Cases protect against data’s most dangerous enemies. The three most common issues with tape transportation are tape edge damage from shock/impact, debris from foreign contaminants and temperature/humidity extremes. Turtle Cases can help you protect your data.

Turtle Case Products

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Product Line:

  • Media storage
  • Hard drive storage
  • Secure document storage
  • Fireproof safes and cabinets
  • Media racks, carts and cabinets


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Data Commander 4620 Series

  • Unrivaled protection at an affordable price
  • 2 Hour Class 125 fire protection at temperatures over 1850 degrees F
  • Double door construction with internal water resistant seals
  • Digital electronic locks that are easy to program to user’s own code
  • Includes easy to adjust pull-out multi-media drawers and adjustable shelves
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