• Want to Hire a Superstar MPS Sales Rep? Follow These Best Practices.

    Building your sales team is a critical element for growing your business. A great Managed Print  salesperson doesn’t just generate revenues, they will also land new accounts and serve as a face for your brand. A true superstar can make a memorable impression anywhere, enhancing your company’s reputation. A good…

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  • How to Spot the Signs of an Uncontrolled Print Environment, Digitek

    How to Spot the Signs of an Uncontrolled Print Environment

    When searching for ways to save money few business owners look towards their print environment, yet most spend more on print and document management than they realize. In fact, almost 90% of business owners have no idea what their yearly print spend is (Gartner). Many of your customers and potential customers are…

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  • attracting millennial talent digitek

    Attracting Millennial Talent to Your Business

    The generation born between 1980 and 2000 are known as millennials, and they are rapidly becoming the leading generation in the workforce. These talented young workers are known for their comfort and skill with technology and can be a great benefit to SMBs. However, they have different expectations than their…

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  • productivity tips digitek

    Productivity Tips to Get the Most from Your Workday

    If you’re like most people, there aren’t enough hours in the workday to check off all of the items on your “to do” list. To be productive, you can either choose to work longer hours or work smarter. If you choose the latter route, here are several time management strategies to…

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  • Managed Print Services: A Timely Solution for SMBs

    Though they may have fewer employees, small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) often use the same strategies as their larger counterparts to succeed in a competitive marketplace. The challenges that go along with this competitive spirit however, are budgetary restrictions and limited resources, leaving SMBs to find innovative ways to stretch their funds while…

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  • 4 sales training techniques you should know, Digitek, VA, CA, OH, IL

    Four Sales Training Techniques You Should Know

    As a salesperson or team manager, training and growing is a process you’ll engage in throughout your career. Education is a life-long pursuit that can keep you current with the latest trends, techniques and technology in sales. Educating your sales team members can not only increase sales, it can help…

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  • Are You Making These Six Common Selling Mistakes?, Digitek, VA, CA, OH, IL

    Are You Making These Six Common Selling Mistakes?

    Whether you’re selling widgets, advertising, coffee or print services, your organization would cease to exist without sales. Today, there is so much competition both in the “real” world and online that closing a sale can be difficult. Many salespeople may be making mistakes that could be jeopardizing the close without…

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  • You Need a New Website, Here's Why!, Digitek, VA, CA, OH, IL

    You Need a New Website. Here’s Why!

    Is your website working like it should? Is it generating qualified leads? In today’s online world where customer buying decisions are driven by online research, your website is your business’ billboard. If you find that you’re not getting the results you would like from your website, it could be time…

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  • Three Reasons to Outsource Your Social Media , Digitek, VA, CA, OH, IL

    Three Reasons to Outsource Your Social Media

    It seems like every day there are more social media platforms you need to think about. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram the list goes on and on. Social media interaction is the best way to engage with potential customers and improve your website’s Google ranking – but do you know how…

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  • What Is Inbound Marketing and Why It’s Important

    You’ve probably heard the term inbound marketing but might not understand the amazing benefits it can offer. In this post, we’re going to explain exactly what constitutes inbound marketing, how the approach is different to traditional marketing, and show you some of the benefits and opportunities inbound marketing can offer…

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