Paul Martorana CEO at Digitek Computer Products

Paul Martorana


Paul provides the leadership and solid industry expertise that the entire Digitek team relies on to help our customers compete and win in an ever-changing marketplace. Paul works closely with our manufacturer partners to ensure that together we deliver value, aggressive pricing, and service to our customers at every touch point.

Al Carroll

VP International Sales & Operations

Al brings practical field experience to our sales team with more than three decades of industry experience. Al was selected as a sales leader based on his proven track record helping hundreds of Digitek partners grow their business in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace. In his current role, Al interfaces directly with customers and all facets of the Digitek organization to ensure that every single client experiences the best of Digitek’s sales, customer service, and trusted nationwide distribution capabilities.

Kenny Finger VP, Operations

Kenny Finger

VP, Operations

Kenny provides the insight and predictive analysis required to keep Digitek partners ahead of the ever-changing technology marketplace. His executive-level sales, and sales operations experience helps Digitek optimize operational efficiencies that translate into more value for customers. Kenny is often asked to support strategic initiatives that require his unique knowledge of internal operations and field activities. His positive attitude and keen eye for detail are respected by Digitek partners looking to grow their sales and their margins with innovative thinking, intelligent integration, and a commitment to excellence.

sarah bulver Chief Financial Officer

Sarah Bulver

Chief Financial Officer

Sarah is responsible for all financial reporting and corporate accounting. Sarah adds value to partner relationships through her ability to implement sound financial management and cost control procedures internally that translate into maximum value for all the products and services Digitek provides. Her commitment to excellence has been instrumental in developing and building on corporate strengths that deliver real value for all Digitek customers.

Don Gormley Digitek

Don Gormley

Sr. Director of Logistics

With 30+ years of executive experience in imports, manufacturing, return supply chain, logistics, and IT development and management, it’s no surprise that Don excels in his position at Digitek. Don ensures that Digitek’s Logistics team is instrumental in getting customer orders processed correctly and shipped on time with the premier small package carrier in the country. He is proud to offer state of the art processing software that allows everyone to monitor every order throughout the entire process, making sure it can be tracked right to your door!